COURT XXI was established with a vision for the future of companionship.

Since 1981 the genesis of our vision has drawn on the long history of companionship to present the richest experience for our patrons. This dedication to reviving a lost art remains the hallmark of our name.

The Court had its beginning as a private gentlemen’s club in London. In privileging authenticity over artifice, it brought the finest companionship experience to the grand legacy of the gentlemen’s club. This commitment to refinement and decorum distinguished us from the industry’s mainstream. These exacting standards remain our guiding spirit still today.

Court XXI is the newest chapter in our longstanding history. In 2018 we crossed the sea amid turning tides to showcase the handsome aspects of our past in this innovative form. By pairing the sensibilities of an authentic connection and the tasteful presentation of feminine beauty, we are honored to welcome patrons to this artfully bespoke companionship experience.

From the private corridors of our clubhouse to the boutique collections here, we have always believed that the future of companionship can be just as decorated as its past. With this presentation curated exclusively for the discerning gentleman, Court XXI is proud to set traditional notes of companionship to the cadence of the 21st Century.

We invite you to luxuriate in a very special experience.