The Rose Guild is a charter for the eminent gentleman.

True to form, our membership is designed to promote the spirit of chivalry and courtly affinities. This laurel of sterling probity and discernment grants exclusive privileges with select ladies deserving of special distinction.

We honor you with this haven for the prestige of confluence.

Standard Membership
Our standard membership provides patrons with monthly companionship hours from the luxury of our private suite. Members select from five distinct tiers according to their preferred arrangement of hours and appointments.

Custom Membership
Our custom membership offers a selection of companionship hours, luxury accommodations, travel amenities, and extended arrangements. Members design a package according to their preferred admixture of regular monthly hours and variable annual hours.

Benefactor Account
Our benefactor account provides patrons with variable companionship hours in equivalence to their investment. Benefactors receive scheduling priority and exclusive access to our clubhouse.

Prepaid Account
Our prepaid account is for patrons with irregular scheduling opportunities. This option simply deducts the value of companionship hours from your standing balance with us.

For more information about our memberships, kindly contact us at

In becoming a member you hereby affirm the following: (i.) You will not disclose identifying information of any companion, employee, associate, or fellow member of Court XXI to the public or media; (ii.) You will comport yourself as a gentleman in all interactions with any companion, employee, associate, or fellow member of Court XXI; (iii.) You understand and acknowledge that any violation of this agreement or any conduct unbecoming of a member will result in termination of membership and lifetime ban from Court XXI; (iv.) You understand and acknowledge that membership dues are paid as a charitable donation to B. T. Oxford, Ltd.; (v.) You understand and acknowledge that membership is not a contract for sexual services.