Along graceful arcs and decorate rose gold hues, set within a wreath of midnight ringlets adorning vernal skin, her piercing eyes bring an alluring visage into crystalline focus.

Akira Saint James

Age: 24

Height: 5’4”

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brunette

Heritage: Japanese/St. Lucian

Measurements: 34A-25-37



One Hour: 1000

90 Minutes: 1200

Two Hours: 1500

Three Hours: 2000

Four Hours: 2500

Six Hours: 3000

12 Hours: 4000

16 Hours: 5000

24 Hours: 6000





These moonlit crescents make her introduction, yet their glistening intensity makes introductions seem unnecessary. In the play of delicate contrasts and immaculate form, a certain mystical quality emanates from her inviting gaze. At once serene and stoic, she wears it with majestic splendor.

Akira’s presence is assured yet spirited. A sense of coquetry and charisma runs throughout her nubile figure in amatory expressions. As these balmy vibrations traverse finespun contours, the artful nuances of her approach open a labyrinth of opulent treasures and forge ecstatic affinities. Across the meridian, she glances back from the outermost edge of experience.

The place beyond can only be described as an “atmosphere.”


Fragrance: Chloe

Lingerie: Fenty

Libation: Red wine

Cuisine: Caribbean

Vacation: South Africa

Studies: Biology