Behind bluest eyes and through gilded locks hides the Elysian Fields. In these strands spun of gold, veiling the fair, vernal skin of refined features, and falling upon the prettiest accents, one finds a glimpse as rare as it is coveted. From this glimpse equally ephemeral and eternal emanates a singular allure.

Eloise Hayek

Age: 22

Height: 5’10”

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Heritage: Austrian

Measurements: 34B-24-35



Fragrance: Diptyque Tam Dao

Lingerie: Fleur du Mal

Libation: Black Manhattan

Cuisine: French

Vacation: Patagonia, Rome

Flowers: Gardenia

Studies: Journalism & Theatre

Artists: Max Ernst, Coltrane, Winehouse, Cash

Some might call her a perfect serenity; others would call her the apotheosis of feminine beauty; others, heaven on earth. Whatever the appellation, she goes by the name Eloise Hayek, but the angels simply call her “E.” And though fallen from above, these angels count her as kin. Few mortals will understand why, yet the wise one lets allurement lead him through Elysium and into her secret garden and down this promenade of jubilance.

True to her Austrian heritage, Eloise accents compelling features with richness and majesty. Blending the medieval nymphet and archduchess while bestriding the polymath and the siren, eloquence runs throughout her delicate figure and inquisitive mind. As widely versed as dexterously talented, the dynamic muse brings a delectable dose of wit, worldly knowledge, and piercing intelligence to the companionship experience. With this intrinsic beauty marked by the poetic movements of her presence, the tenor of romance promise to crescendo steadily to exaltation.

From her appetite for grandeur to her eye for subtlety, from travels across the globe to twilight strolls through the cloisters, she has an unpretentious palate for life’s finest. With interests as vast as her repertoire, Eloise has a special appreciation for painting, theater, red wine, fragrances, French cuisine, the Silvretta Alps, Alphonse Mucha, and the year 1910. This intrepid spirit cast into the frame of a princess is the quintessence of her namesake as the young miss at The Plaza Hotel.

Through her passionate intuition and distinctive charisma, Eloise draws on desires held in the recesses of the imagination to paint a lasting portrait in the memory. For the fancier of authenticity, a moment with Eloise promises a transcendental voyage across the meridian.

After all, Mozart was not the only composer in Vienna, but he was the best.


Louis XIV

One Hour: 1500

90 Minutes: 1800

Two Hours: 2200


Three Hours: 3000

Four Hours: 3800

Six Hours: 4600


12 Hours: 6000

16 Hours: 7500

24 Hours: 9000