Patrons are to carry themselves as gentlemen. Our companions take pride in presenting suitors with their very best. We expect the same from those who share in their company.

Behind the scenes



We are committed to the “golden balance” of supporting economic success and ensuring the most modest appointment volume for our companions. Our competitive rates and limited availability are non-negotiable to reflect this commitment. Priority booking is given to members and advance scheduling requests. Please note that we generally require notice of 24 hours to accommodate appointments for returning patrons and 48 hours to accommodate appointments for newcomers.



Our screening process is designed to be as minimally invasive as possible to ensure the health and safety of our companions. First-time patrons can complete screening by submitting two recent references from established providers. If you do not have references, you can complete screening by verifying your identity and employment credentials. For screening via this alternate method, we require a copy of your government-issued identification document, your professional website or profile, and your professional contact information. All sensitive material will be handled with utmost discretion and deleted promptly upon verification.



We welcome wardrobe and cosmetic requests. Please note that we cannot acknowledge explicit requests under any circumstances. Correspondence making reference to specific acts or services will be immediately withdrawn and blacklisted.



Patrons may be required to provide an electronic deposit to confirm their appointment. Our accepted methods include cryptocurrency, wire transfer, mobile payment services, and merchant processing via direct debit.



Our booking assistants will provide transportation updates via email and text message to ensure the discreet and timely arrival of our companions to your preferred locale. For appointments hosted at our private suite, we will provide detailed instructions to coordinate logistics for your arrival.



Our responsibility to ensure the privacy of our patrons and companions is our highest priority. All communication takes place on dedicated servers using state-of-the-art encryption technology. We treat any private correspondence and identifying information as strictly confidential.



We understand that circumstances arise. In the case of a scheduling conflict, we ask that you provide as much advance notice as possible to reschedule your appointment. Cancellations without reasonable notice may result in forfeiture of your deposit.

Behind closed doors



Patrons are expected to carry themselves as gentlemen at all times. Our companions take great pride in presenting you with their very best. We require the same from those who share in their company.



We ask that patrons present their patronage in a forthcoming and discreet manner. If you are meeting in private, please place your donation in an unsealed envelope and set it in plain view. If you are meeting in public, please place your donation in a discreet card or gift. Unless alternate arrangements have been made, your patronage should be presented within the early moments of your meeting. Taking care of this straightway is important in creating the most comfortable and pleasant experience for all parties.



Our foremost priority is ensuring the privacy and security of our companions. Please be mindful of discretion when selecting the location for your appointment. Our booking assistants will contact you before your appointment to coordinate arrival logistics to facilitate discreet greetings and inconspicuous outings in public.



We ask that patrons take care beforehand to be well-groomed and bathed. If you cannot prepare in advance, we ask that you excuse yourself at any appropriate moment during your appointment to do so. Our companions appreciate this thoughtful consideration for your time together.



Our companions can only accept libations that are presented in a sealed bottle or prepared by a hospitality professional. We ask that you be mindful of these necessary precautions when planning for your appointment. Our companions may otherwise have to refuse your generosity.



We welcome patrons to request an extension of their appointment. Please note that all requests are subject to availability. If you anticipate extending, we ask that you prepare an additional donation in advance. If for any reason you are unable to make arrangements beforehand, we can accept electronic donations for your extension via cryptocurrency or mobile payment services.



While it is never expected, our companions are always appreciative for gestures of special acknowledgment. If you wish to acknowledge the efforts of our booking assistants, we invite you to contact us for payment options and details at