Taking shape, Natalia’s silhouette impresses itself into the field of view as a mark of splendor. Yet despite all pageantry, the secretive aspect of the archetype is what defines her. And the secret for every paragon of beauty is held in the name.

Natalia Felix

Age: 20

Height: 5’8”

Hair: Brunette

Eyes: Brown

Heritage: Brazilian

Measurements: 34C-24-34

Contact: natalia@courtxxi.com


One Hour: 1200

90 Minutes: 1500

Two Hours: 1800

Three Hours: 2400

Four Hours: 3000

Six Hours: 3600

12 Hours: 4800

16 Hours: 6000

24 Hours: 7200

SET behind soft brunette hair decorated with amber stands, the deep intensity of her eyes follows warm hues to rest upon ambrosial breasts. True to form, the image of Natalia Felix featured in these undertones heralds the ideal incarnate. Whether heir to the goddess or her twilit archrival, she is the road that leads back to Rome. And while true, only the wise know that the saying goes to the Temple of Venus. These days the wine flows from two goddesses atop Velian Hill.

Beyond her captivating appearance there is the exquisite persona of Natalia. This whole presentation is the secret beauty of the archetype. In musings that pass with equal grace along diary pages and down hidden corridors, she carries intrigue along amorous whispers and to superior heights. Her interests in the fine arts, world history, museum curation, and travel showcase a sterling refinement that abounds both face-to-face and side-by-side.

From affinities for grand escapades to her attentiveness in the finest details of romance, the boundary between intention and intuition blur to a resounding symphony. In these very special ways of the heart and surpassing talent in the art of passion, the beauty of her name comes into full view. Yet as the curtains lift around her, she wraps herself anew in the lush velvet to preserve that secret aspect of the goddess. Of course, in this scarlet cloak she also preserves the name of desire.

To read more about Natalia in her own words, view her candid gallery, and browse her wishlist, you can visit her personal blog at nataliafelix.com.


Fragrance: Chanel Chance

Lingerie: La Perla

Libation: Gimlet

Cuisine: Italian

Vacation: Santorini, Malta

Flowers: Hibiscus

Studies: Psychology 

Artists: Devendra Banhart