COURT XXI was established with a vision for the future of companionship.

As the purveyor of bespoke experiences for the discerning gentleman, we pride ourselves on curating gilt-edged companionship engagements. In this fashion, the companions who we are honored to represent have been selected with diligence and care for their appeal to the judicious eye. By privileging a distinctive blend of elegance and authenticity, our design is to bring together the most artful ladies and cavalier gents in creating a haven for the prestige of confluence. The result is a companionship experience that can only be described as a transcendence of the ordinary.

The genesis of our vision draws upon the long history of professional companionship to present the richest experience for our patrons. From royal courts to traditional gentleman’s clubs, the arc of this history chronicles a grand legacy of exacting standards and sterling probity. We believe that these values serve as a catalyst for the very finest experiences in private entertainment. In promoting the spirit of prestige and exclusivity, we aspire to contribute to this decorous history and count ourselves within its lineage.


Since its inception in 2018, Court XXI has been inspired to cultivate expressions of beauty in individual pursuits and shared experiences alike. Through our efforts to support the creative aspirations of our companions, we can in turn provide our patrons with the most elevated companionship experience. This approach is the hallmark of our dedicated representation.

Our endeavor to revive the art of companionship is what distinguishes us from the industry’s mainstream. By pairing the sensibilities of an authentic connection with the tasteful presentation of feminine beauty, we have earned a reputation for being among the classiest entities of its kind. This reputation is cornerstone of our company. For we know that the confidence of our valued patrons is something that cannot be found in the marketplace of exchanges.

From the corridors of our private clubhouse in London to our chapters across the Atlantic, we believe that the future of professional companionship can be as decorated as its past. With bespoke experiences curated exclusively for the discerning gentleman, Court XXI is proud to set traditional notes of companionship to the cadence of the 21st Century.

We trust that our commitment to selectivity and discretion promises a transcendence of the ordinary.